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Bone Wraith

Bone Wraith

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The 3D printed miniature Bone Wraith is a haunting and ominous sight to behold. Standing at just under 2 inches tall, the miniature is expertly crafted with intricate details that bring the creature to life. The wraith's skeletal frame is perfectly formed, with each bone expertly molded and textured to create a chillingly realistic effect.

As the adventurers step on the bones of fallen warriors, cursed by evil and powerful magic, the miniature begins to glow with an eerie blue light. Suddenly, the Bone Wraith is summoned, its form materializing out of thin air with a burst of dark energy.

The Wraith wields a fiery magic blade, which glows with a bright orange hue as it slashes through the air, endlessly cleaving all in its way. The miniature's pose is dynamic, as if the wraith is in the midst of a fierce battle, its cloak billowing out behind it and its bony fingers gripping the hilt of its sword tightly.

The overall effect is both awe-inspiring and terrifying, with the Bone Wraith's otherworldly appearance and deadly prowess making it a formidable opponent for any adventurer.

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