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Kitbash Kingdom

Kitbash Kingdom - Giant - Hellsmasher Overlord

Kitbash Kingdom - Giant - Hellsmasher Overlord

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Greetings, friends, and thank you for joining us today as we launch our new and largest miniature yet!

The Giant Hellsmasher Overlord miniature is a 7 inch mini that is an impressive and highly detailed piece for tabletop gaming. The miniature stands on a 5 inch base and features a sword stuck into its foot, adding to the sense of battle-worn toughness. The giant also wields a massive club made from a tree with a metal statue jammed on the end, giving it an imposing and intimidating appearance.

The giant is accompanied by two goblins riding on its body, clinging to its clothing and fighting alongside it in battle. 

The giant also wears a demon face codpiece and a lizard mail pauldron, adding to its intimidating appearance and giving it a demonic edge. The overall effect is a highly detailed and expertly crafted piece of scenery that is perfect for use in tabletop gaming, or as a display piece for collectors of fantasy minis. 

Only 5 pieces to assemble!

Pre-Supported for resin printing!

Hollowed for minimal use of resin!

Solid versions for FDM!

Video Turnaround

Thank you for checking out our new model!

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