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Starbrain Core - Utility

Starbrain Core - Utility

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Sci-fi utility units are a versatile addition to any sci-fi tabletop or gaming board. These detailed models feature interositors and communication units, making them perfect for use as scatter terrain.

The interositors are intricate devices designed for interfacing with technology, allowing users to control machines and access data remotely. They are small, rectangular boxes with a range of buttons and ports on their faces, making them perfect for use as small props or scatter terrain in sci-fi gaming environments.

The communication units are sleek and modern devices that allow users to communicate with one another over long distances. They are rectangular in shape and feature an antennae sensors that helps them to send and receive data.

Both the interositors and communication units are designed with a high level of detail, featuring intricate circuitry and other small components that make them look realistic and engaging. They are perfect for use in dioramas and tabletop gaming environments.

Overall, the 3D printed miniature sci-fi utility units are a versatile and exciting addition to any sci-fi collection, providing users with a range of creative possibilities for use in gaming, modeling, or other creative projects.

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